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Join the Company


Thank you for your interest! At the moment we’re not actively looking for new company members.

When we do need performers, we look for people with acting ability and an interest in using the arts to build dialogue and justice. Having Playback Theatre experience is a big plus. Formal acting training is not required. Visit Playback Centre for info on courses around the world!

Other qualities that are helpful: you can sing, you’re African-American or Latino/a, you speak Spanish, and you can be available in the daytime.

If you want to approach us, please learn about us and our work. This is not standard theatre! If possible, come to a public show.

Feel free to email a letter of interest and your resume at any time, including any social justice work/volunteering.

Hudson River Playback Theatre is a nonprofit ensemble based in New Paltz, NY. We do 50-60 performances per year in schools, theatres, and various community settings. All performances are improvisational, based on audience members’ personal stories. Performers are paid for shows following a 6-month training period.