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I did want to let you know how thrilled we were to have you and your team at the conference. The “performance dialogue” you brought was the icing on what most people already considered a spectacular day. It was moving, funny, heartwarming, powerful and so much more. Your team knocked it out of the park!
~ Marieke van Woerkom, Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility

The biggest and best part of it was seeing the magic of what you guys do. I saw a flock of birds flying yesterday with just that same synchronicity – so in tune with each other, so fluid. They were like a song. You guys perform with that same intuneness – it makes one feel goodabout the potential of human beings.
~ Eliza Praetorius, audience member

You were able to hear serious stories and convert them into beautiful theatre. It’s nice to know that people listen and are interested in our experiences. It makes us feel important and respected.
~Estela and Ruben, audience members from Uruguay at an Immigrant Stories performance.

Playback made such a wonderful addition to this past year’s Camp Finance, and let me take this opportunity to express my sincerest thank you to you and the entire theater company. The sharing and participation of our Campers embodied exactly what Camp Finance is intended to do–allow a safe space for our folks to recognize their commonalities and realize they are not alone in the challenges they face.
~ Kelly Mathews, NYCON

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m hooked on playback … not to mention completely awed by the talent, touched to the core by the compassion, and really curious as to HOW you all do THAT? If I couldexpress my reaction throughout the performance with a visual it would be mewith my mouth wide open in astonishment … for the entire 105 minutes. (The only other time that I did that was while watching “The Lion King” on B’way). I just kept looking at all of you and thinking how alive you must feel … to reach out and stretch and discover that word, that gesture, that synchronicity in your gut that somehow tells the story. Bravo!
~ Mary Byrne, Women Supporting Women performance at Omega Institute

I wanted to pass along the feedback to you and your troupe that I felt so deeply listened to in a way that I hadn’t imagined when I volunteered to share the lavender story with you tonight. I learned more about my own experience from telling you, and then from watching it come through the players. I loved the many-voiced, many-armed plant they became. I will carry that.
~ Valerie, audience member at public show Dreaming and Doing

I just want to thank you for a really, really wonderful evening!! the students had a great night and you guys are wonderful, you certainly are doing a lot of good in this community!
~ Patricia Vasquez, ESL teacher

It was an honor to be in the audience with your group. The way that Playback tells so many stories and honors the truth and the individual is truly loving, more of that and we could have World Peace.
~ Nancy, audience member at public show Stories Rising

Dear Actors,
I want to thank you for your support and helped me to let it all out with my emotions. Don’t be afraid to tell your story about you being bullied. There’s still a little more you need to know, but maybe next time I can tell you what happened but for now Thank You.
Your student
(after No More Bullying performance at elementary school)

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