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What We Do

Hudson River Playback Theatre provides single shows, performance series, and workshops for organizations and groups of all kinds, including schools, colleges, prisons, nonprofits, and the general public.

We provide performances at conferences, such as NYCON’s Camp Finance conferences at Mohonk Mountain House. Playback Theatre brings participants together, creates focus on the topic, and, at the end, provides an opportunity to reflect on the conference and look ahead to the future.

Since 1999 we have carried out our No More Bullying! program, addressing school bullying in elementary, middle, and high schools to build empathy and empowerment skills for all students.

Our other main project has been Immigrant Stories, funded by the Dyson Foundation, offering a voice to immigrants throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley.

At the invitation of the inmates we have visited Beacon Women’s Correctional Center each World AIDS Day since 2005.

We’ve carried out numerous performances for patients and families associated with the Oncology Support program of Benedictine Hospital, Kingston.

In the build-up to the 2004 presidential election we carried out a series on college campuses called “Play Back the Vote!” exploring why people do or do not use their democratic rights.

We’ve done several public shows on climate change, including one that was part of’s international initiative in 2009. We’ve also done public performances on dreams, pets, the meaning of life, and lots more!

“The feedback was exhilarated, inspired, heartfelt and hopeful. You and your company touched the lives, hearts and spirits of the audience members who told their stories as well as those who observed.” –Marjorie Berman, LCSW-R, Beacon Correctional Facility, Beacon, NY

“For a while I forgot I was in prison.” –Audience member at WORLD AIDS Day performance.

HRPT’s past performances