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NMB Training for Playback Companies

No More Bullying! Training for Playback Theatre companies.

Jo Salas with middle school students in a NMB Leadership program

Hudson River Playback Theatre offers training in the No More Bullying! program to Playback Theatre companies.

Using Playback Theatre with this delicate and complex topic is exceptionally demanding! Leaders and performers need very strong Playback skills, and the company must be competently organized and ready to do professional work in the community. For these reasons, the training is offered only to experienced companies.

Here’s how it works:

  • We discuss with you your company’s interest, needs, and readiness.
  • A trainer from HRPT visits your company for a two-day training. Most (preferably all) members should attend and need to be there for the full two days.
  • We will send reading material prior to the training, to provide some background about school bullying.
  • We provide a handbook with print copies of background information; sample proposals and program designs; sample communications with teachers, parents, and students; lesson plans; etc.
  • We provide all these documents electronically as well so that you can adapt as needed, substituting your own logo and contact information.

The training will cover:

  • Information and theory about bullying, including cyberbullying;
  • The philosophy and techniques of the No More Bullying! program;
  • Full-length model performance with trainer conducting;
  • Second performance with company member(s) conducting;
  • Discussion and demonstration of NMB Leadership program where middle and high school students learn Playback and join adult performers in shows for fellow students;
  • Opportunities for company members to tell and explore your own stories relating to bullying.

Following the training HRPT leaders are available for supervision as requested.

Contract and costs:

We are providing this training at a professional level, based on our extensive experience and refinement of this method over 12 years, working with over 25,000 students. The training will allow you to approach local school districts with confidence, using HRPT’s track record to gain credibility for your company from the outset.

Playback companies sign a contract with HRPT which includes an agreement about future income using NMB.

Costs for the training include a per-day fee, plus travel expenses and accommodation for the trainer. The host company makes all the local arrangements including a venue for the training. Please contact us for cost and contract details.

Comments from Playback companies:

So far we’ve trained five companies in the US and Canada in NMB. Here are some comments:

“The No More Bullying training we received from HRPT has been invaluable. We have adapted their model and now are offering anti-bullying performances and residencies to several schools in the metropolitan area of New York. The success of these programs is due to how unique and deeply meaningful the program is–instead of defining “bullying” for the students and giving them a list of dos and don’ts, the students strategize for themselves effective ways prevent future incidents of bullying and harrassment from happening. Augusto Boal calls this a ‘rehearsal for the future.’”

–Big Apple Playback Theater, New York City

“Thanks so much for your time, energy, skill, humour, effort and general loveliness in making our training such an outstanding and memorable experience!”

–Vancouver Playback Theatre

“If I feel the weight of our responsibility towards the children we will soon meet, my body and heart get into motion with the practice of playback theatre and charged with this conviction: the possibility of using it in service to others is simply huge.”

–Promito Playback Theatre, Montreal

“I am soooooooooooooo thankful to you and your troupe for this wonderful model.”

–Synergy in Action Playback Theatre, Washington DC

To talk to us about training your company, please call Jo Salas at 845 255 7716 or email


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