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CLIMATE ACTION EVENT: “EARTH CALLING! A conversation through theatre”
Thursday 05/07/2015 at 8:00pm in New Paltz, NY at Historic Huguenot Street’s Deyo Hall
Presented in partnership with local environmental organizations

Hudson River Playback Theatre, based in New Paltz, NY, creates dynamic, memorable theatre and music on the spot based on true stories told by audience members.

Playback Theatre itself was first developed by Jonathan Fox, Jo Salas, and the other members of the original company in 1975. In performances, audience members are invited to tell stories from their lives and watch as they are played back with action and music. Playback is now practiced in 60 countries worldwide to build dialogue, connection, and change. Artistic director Jo Salas, a pioneer of the original Playback Theatre company, founded HRPT in 1990 as the original company was coming to a close. HRPT company members have backgrounds in professional theatre and music, social work, education, and community action.

Our vision:

A society where every voice is heard, every story honored.

Our mission:

To create improvisational theatre and music from stories told by the audience in order to illuminate lives and bear witness to both difference and commonality among people.

Our values:
Social Justice; Artistry; Community.


A month after the first worldwide One Billion Rising event in 2013, Hudson River Playback Theatre presented a community performance called Stories Rising. This story was told by one of the local organizers of OBR, and enacted on the spot by HRPT’s performers. STORIES RISING 2013